Dictate your Equations

Unleash LaTeX's power for mathematical equation creation without the need to write a single word. voice2tex empowers you to effortlessly transcribe equations into the universal LaTeX format.


A better way to work

voice2tex can do a lot more than convert natural language to equations. It's a must have for anyone digitalising their mathematics.

Voice Input

Easily dictate your equations using natural language and let voice2tex automatically transcribe and convert them into LaTeX format. No need for manual typing or complex syntax.

Typed Input

Type your equations in plain English (natural language), and voice2tex intelligently interprets and translates them into LaTeX notation. Enjoy a flexible and intuitive LaTeX experience.

Export to SVG and PNG

Export your converted LaTeX equations as scalable vector graphics (SVG) or portable network graphics (PNG) files. These versatile formats allow you to share equations across platforms, embed them in documents or presentations, and ensure high-quality rendering.

Equation Saving

Save your equations within voice2tex to build a personal equation library. Retrieve and reuse your equations conveniently whenever needed. Organize them with tags and names for easy searching and categorization.

Tagging and Naming

Assign tags and names to your equations for efficient organization and management. Categorize equations based on topics, projects, or any other criteria to quickly locate and retrieve specific equations when working on various contexts.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Enjoy the flexibility of voice2tex across multiple devices and platforms. Access your equations seamlessly from desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, ensuring you have your equations readily available wherever and whenever you need them.

Simple pricing, not so simple features.

Pricing doesn't need to be complicated. You get access to all of our powerful features, regardless of which plan you're on.


Great for getting started, with a generous 250 equations per month

  • 250 generated equations / month


A plan for pros with three times the amount of formulae per month

  • 750 generated equations / month


Limitless formulae generation for the most advanced users

  • Unlimited generated equations / month

Organisation Plan

Designed for educational institutions, organisations, and businesses. Multiple users, custom integrations, custom volume-based pricing and discounts.

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

We use advanced AI models to convert your speech into written natural language, then convert that into LaTeX notation.

Does voice2tex keep my voice recordings?

Nope - we delete them as soon as they've been converted.

What devices can I use voice2tex on?

Since we're web-based (for now), you can use it on any device with a microphone.

Can I export to anything other than LaTeX?

Yep! You can export your equations to LaTeX, SVGs (for embedding), and PNG images.